The story of Korindo Aikido and Budo

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 The population of Aikido has 1,600,000 people in the world.

 Kisshoumaru UESHIBA(Morihei's son) spread aikido in the world.

He wished a master was made from the multitude of people.

 On the other hand, Korindo-Aikido is not well known in Japan.

The founder is Minoru HIRAI. He was going to tell the secret to

few students "accurately". He taught students at a really low fee.

... I think that neither thought is wrong.

Minoru HIRAI (wikipedia)

 Almost teachers of the Korindo Aikido of Japan do not make living

by dojo studio management. At least I don't know it.(there may be one.)

The place to teaching is almost public facilities. Teachers have other job.

 There will not be 500 people learning Korido Aikido in Japan now.

May be. More over, there are few people who learn correct Korindo

Aikido. Our master left the Korindo to accurately convey HIRAI 's Aikido.

So, although it is Korindo Aikido, we call it "Hirai-den (lit: transmitted

from HIRAI) Aikido."

 Minoru HIRAI's Aikido includes 3 keywords.

  • 腰の回り "Koshi no mawari (lit: Turn a waist)"
  • "Koshi no mawari" is not that a person turns a waist physically.

    (There lies the difficulty!)

  • 中心帰納 "Chu-shin kinou (lit: Central induction)"
  • The "Koshi no mawari" and "Chu-shin kinou" are sets. It is not

    established if one is missing.

  • 8つの体捌き "8 types Tai-sabaki (lit: 8 types'Body movement)"
  • There is not "kata" in Korindo-Aikido.

    There is not "First technique"(一教 ikkyō) or "Second technique"

    (二教 nikyō) in Korindo-Aikido. That there is a "Tai-sabaki" instead.

    Please, click each.

    1st 百八十度転体 Hyakuhatijudo-tentai (lit: "180degrees turn")

    2nd 三百六十度転回 Sanbyakurokujudo-tenkai (lit: "360degrees turn")

    3rd 前臂斬 Kote-giri (lit: "beheaded forearm")

    4th 入り身転体 Irimi-tentai (lit: "step in and turn")

    5th 磯返し Iso-gaesi (lit: "The waves beat on the beach")

    6th 四方捌き Shihou-sabaki (lit: "4-direction manipulating")

    7th 面摺 Men-zuri (lit: "Grind the face")

    8th 後捌き Usiro-sabaki (lit: "Rear manipulating")

    8 movements randomly.

    With a bokken(wodden sword).

    With a jo(wooden stick).

     A fight is confrontation. Aikido has denied the confrontation.

    Aikido has denied also confrontation of consciousness.

     That is Korindo Aikido technique to unify oneself with an enemy.

    It is realized by 3 keywords.

    Those underlying Korindo Aikido and Japanese martial arts(Budo)

     Judo (Jiu-Jutsu) and Aikido are derived from Ken-jutsu. Ironically,

    Ken-jutu was developed most in the Edo period(Tokugawa period) when the civil war ended.

    Not only for the physical development, but for the cultivation of mind.

     In the process some of them noticed the importance of the mind,

    the importance of the invisible part. "Koshi no mawari" and "Chu-

    shin kinou" are a few of them.

     "Koshi no mawari (It is also called, Koshi-mawashi.)" is the theory

    of Ken-jutsu, especially for those styles in Kansai region (south-western half of Japan).

    This means that the movement of Bodo begins from the waist.

    When the center of the waist(lower dantian, below the navel) is considered to be the beginning of movement, the vertical axis

    and the horizontal axis of human motion and the center of the waist where the front and rear axes cross each other becomes movement of the sphere.

    And, when that movement appears outside, the movement of the body becomes the movement of the 3-dimensional sphere.

    An opponent will follow the movement of the sphere unconsciously. (Or to bent backward or stop.)

     The word "Koshi no mawari"still remains in some schools of Ken-jutu such as 竹内流(Takenouchi-ryu) and 双水執流(Sousuisitu-ryu), but the meaning is quite different.

     "chu-shin kinou" is to stop consciousness, judgment and thinking that

    was toward to the opponent. I saw a hanging scroll of meaning

    similar to this on a YouTube video of Kyuzou MIFUNE 10th Dan of Judo.

    click here Kyuzou MIFUNE's video

     "中心帰一 Chu-shin kiitsu (lit: Center return)" In short, "Returning to

    the center, becoming one". To return consciousness to the center of

    ourselves. In other words, it is an unconscious state, a momentary

    "meditation state", and a momentary "altered state of consciousness".

     Consciousness is coming and going without being realized.

    For example, if you feel like "someone is looking at me.", and look back, someone is really looking. Or, gazing at each other at the same timing.

    This is an example that body responds to consciousness.

     Another example is, if a child is jumping off the window of a burning house ...

    and if you witnessed it from a close distance… You surely will "desperately"help without thinking like...

    "The weight of a jumping child will be several times heavier than his actual body weight, will my arms be broken?".

    Or, you will not think "If I do not make it in time !" It is unconscious movement of the body.

    There is no gap to think. Unconscious dominates the body.

    This is an example where the body moves unconsciously.

     Let's explain the video #1 and #36.

    First of all, #1. Please watch it again.

    Click here  Master NARITA #1

     0:01- Uke's Mr.SHIRAISHI grabbed Master NARITA 's wrist.

    Mr.SHIRAISHI is conscious of grabbed his wrist. And he is conscious of

    fighting Master NARITA. Actually, this is the state that supports the

    center of gravity of each other. By the contact with the wrist and

    each other's consciousness.

     0:09- However, Master NARITA returned his consciousness and

    center of gravity to himself. At that time, the body movement and the

    axis movement create a movement of a circle or sphere. And, Mr.SHIRAISHI loses

    support and falls like being caught in a circle. The same phenomenon is

    occurring many times in this video. This is a physiological reflex rather

    than a technique.

     It can not be done easily.

    Moreover, it must be able to do it naturally.

     Master NARITA's explanation is very abstract. He explains one

    phenomenon with various phrases. The word he uses is also unique.

    Because it is a story of the sense of the body, it is caught in the prejudice

    of the word if it is one phrase.

     Master NARITA says "I am not concentrating but I am concentrating."

     Mr.SHIRAISHI says "meditative texture".

    So, it seems to be a little different from "In the zone".

    (I thought so before.)

     Video #36 is like this. Master NARITA #36

     When we usually hit an enemy, first think about the enemy → look,

    judge → strike. We think that if we do this quickly and powerful we

    will win. That is the same for enemies. So what should we do?

    strike → look → think.

    In other words, "Do not judge, do not think. and, strike without looking."

    Uke's Mr.OGATA can not predict Master NARITA's unconscious

    movement. And cause physiological reflex. You can watch unconscious

    and physiological reflexes in all master's videos.

     To realize this, it is necessary to overcome long-time training, and

    contradiction between the body and thinking. There are 8 types

    tai-sabaki for that purpose. Even if you do not have a partner, you can

    train as much as you want alone. However, that is not easy all. And if we

    continue training with misunderstanding it won't be able to reach until we die.

    To that proof, there are only 3 people who can do this with the Korindo

    style all over the world. If Master NARITA was 100%, Mr. SHIRAISHI and

    another teacher is 50%. All others are 0%.

     Even though they trained for decades, they can not do it.

    Because the training is long, they can do Aikido as a form (Kata).


     There is a video that Master NARITA and another teacher teach

    in German dojo. Please, click each.

    Master.NARITA in Germany

    Another teacher #1

    Another teacher #2

    Another teacher #3

    The German dojo originally taught Ueshiba style. (Aikikai). But, after

    Master NARITA's teaching, the high-grade person seems to be training

    the Korindo style. They seem to have said this. "Up to now it was a

    sport. but, Master NARITA's techniques is Budo."

     By the way, Uke's Mr.SHIRAISHI and Mr.OGATA are originally Ueshiba

    style. They were fascinated by Master NARITA's techniques and learned

    from him.

     And one more thing.

    There are teacher whose body movement and techniques are similar at

    Ueshiba style. That is Sheishiro ENDO Shihan.

    Click here Sheishiro ENDO Shihan video

     He may not know the word "Koshi no mawari" or "chu-shin kinou".

    But the all masters has something in common (I think so).

    Even if it is a completely different martial arts (Karate, Kung Fu etc).

    His videos are uploaded to YouTube a lot and English subtitles are

    attached so it should be more useful than my poor explanation.

    Please refer for it.




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